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Weekly Live Schedule (Eastern)

• Monday: CHVяCH XV BяXK3N 7ANGvAG3 TXTBK 3:00PM 

• Monday: Voice of Silence DJ Black Ossian (RDI) 5:00PM 

• Monday The Den of Inequity with Baron Beaveri 6:00PM

• Monday: Communion After Dark 9:00PM

• Monday: The Pit of Despair with DJ Despair 10:30PM 

• Tuesday: l'Alcova DJ Decadenz (RDI) 4:00PM

• Tuesday: Transmission Lima with Dj Marco 10:00PM 

• 3rd Tuesdays:  Origins with Albert Bouchard 7:00PM 

• 4th Tuesdays: Black Door with DJ Andi 8:00PM

• Wednesday: Mystery Gothic Radio 12 A.D. 2:00PM

• Wednesday: Out of Rain DJ Safiria  (RDI) 4:00PM 

• Wednesday: Ritual Noise with DJ Jack Phoenix 8:00PM

• Wednesday: Next Wednesday with Charlie the Slut 10:00PM

• Thursday: CVLT WAVE Radio DJ Brad Bleak  12:00 AM

• Thursday: Shadow and Darkness  DJ Nederfolk 3:00PM

• Thursday: Synthetic with DJ Miss Lucifer (RDI) 4:00PM

• Thursday: Nursery Bones DJ Mcspookypants 9:00PM

• Friday: Gothic Darkness with Master Mel 3:00PM

• Friday: Nothing but a Nightmare DJ Mange Vorhees 6:30PM

• Friday: Out of My Head Radio with Adam Ginsberg 8:00PM

• Saturday Fire Walk With Me with Dj Delchi 6:00PM

• Saturday: Trivium DJ Storm 8:00PM 

• Saturday: Thrill Olympics DJ Noble Destro 10:00PM

• Sunday: Tactical Beat with DJ Draven 9:00PM

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