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  • WFKU makes a special Appearance on The History Channels VIkings 

  •  Transmission Lima england special

  • DJ MARKO Transmission Lima Every Tuesday special program of 80's remixes 

  •  Baron Bad Beavers Den Of Inequity live Saturday Nights Radio Goth

  • DJ Nederfolk live on WFKU Thursdays Radio Goth Neofolk Martial Ebm Neoclassical 



  •  Dark Sanctuary Radio live with Nivek Tek Every Saturday night 8:00pm

  •  DJ Txtbeak Church of Broken Language Mondays at 3:00pm XTBK's CHVяCH XV BяXK3N 7ANGvAG3

  •  Spaz Outscape fangirl

  • DJ Spaz Outscape Patrick Bateman synthwave retrowave live Thursday nights on WFKU 

  •  Gothic Darkness with Master Mel  live Fridays at 5:00 PM eastern

  •  Tactical Beat 7 draven ebm synthpop eurodance

  • Gothic Cruise 2014 vnv nation ego likeness god module the cruxshadows bella morte, ayria st kitts st martin, san juan grand turk cemetery tours theme parties 

  • Transmission Lima Every Tuesday from 10pm to 11pm  

  •  WFKU.ORG presents the DEn OF INequity

  •  WFKU Free Stickers!

  • Baron Bad Beavere Den of Inequity Please Stand By the War Will Commence Soon 

  •  DJ Nederfolk on WFKU Thursdays 4 year special

  •  WFKU Talent Search Looking for DJs

  • Dj Delchi Steampunk Kitten Fire Walk With me Pins 

  • WFKU Stereo Stickers 

  •  Baron Bad Beaver Den of Inequity duck and cover doesn't work live every Saturday at 10:00pm Eastern Standard Time

  •  Delchi's Fire Walk With Me Live on WFKU Goth Radio Grumpy Cat Flyer

  •  Gothgram Goth Photo Feed Model: Karli Koffin

  •  #goth to see yourself Model: CaiannePepper

  •  Gothgram - Girl With Chainsaw - Model M.Wednesday.M  Interactive Gothscene photoboards

  •  GothGram Flyer featuring Model Lilith Astroth  from Sorrowseed

  •  Mystery Gothic Radio 12 A.D. Gothadellic Ossuary

  •  DJ Search, DJ Submissions, Broadcaster Talent search, looking for smoke flyer

  •  DJ Whiskey MGR12AD

  • Origins Live with Albert Bouchard from Blue Oyster Cult 

  •  Outscape with DJ Spaz Every Thursday from Ten until Midnight live on WFKU  Synthwave, Synthpop

  •  New and Obscure do not have to be one and the same, just because some acts are backed by million dollar entities doesn't mean they are better.   Tune in to DJ Spaz outscape to see some glaring examples of where mass media has gone wrong.

  •  Ritual Noise Jack Phoenix's live mix of eighties, synths, fetish, goth, and other eclectic dark alternative hits

  •  DJ Spaz Outscape Retrowave Synthwave eightbit  Midi Dance

  •  DJ Spaz Outscape hosted by DJ Spaz every Thursday Live from Ten Pm until Midnight

  •  Ritual Noise, live Radio goth industrial Fetish Scene

  •  Tactical Beats Sundays From 9:00 to Midnight DJ Draven Synthpop Industrial Goth Electronica, Eurotrance, A three hour dose, music from all the world,

  •  Tactical Beat Audio Warfare Industrial Tank Battles Eurodance Stompy Stompy Music

  •  DJ nederfolk From Belgium darkening your day in the most polite and entertaining way

  •  DJ nederfolk From Belgium darkening your day in the most polite and entertaining way

  •  Gothigram gothic lifestyles photoboard model Heatherlynn

  •  WFKU is looking for New blood, True Talent, and Sharp Fangs

  •  Join the Goth Radio Broadcast Team  WFKU is looking for Disc Jockeys

  •  The Worldwide Radio Goth Talent Search Continues.  We are looking for Live Broadcast Djs

  •  Mystery Gothic Radio with Dj Whiskey - Bands, Send us your stuff!

  •  Mystery Gothic Radio 12 A. D.  goth Girl and Black Cat Flyer


  •  WFKU Lightning flyer

  •  Gothgram Bloody Fang Flyer

  • I love WFKU Floopy Disk From Miserys Malice done in the style of ‎Milton Glaser's ‎I Love New York but its the 8bit version  

  •  Fire Walk with me To Church

  •  Mystery Gothic Radio 12 A.D. Is a homage to the wonderful people from Mystery Science Theater 3000 done in best live Gothic Radio format

  •  WFKU Talent Search We are looking for Djs of the darker kind

  •  Origins With Albert Bouchard from Blue Oyster Cult Live every thursday on

  •  Tactical Beat Live on WFKU every Sunday.   Some Ass Kicking musical Delights brought to you from the Original DJ Draven

  •  Be Featured on Gothgram : Model Lady Bloodlust

  •  Gothgram: Walking Dead: New Channels: Zombies, Vampires, Goth Fashion, and GothgramOnly

  •  Tactical Beat ShadowWorld Flyer with the Original DJ Draven on WFKU

  • WFKU Flyer Logo Big and on black  The Best Goth Radio Station

  •  Delchi Fire Walk With me Whiskey Still a better love story than Twilight

  •  WFKU Dark Alternative Radio Tattoo Girl

  •  Demons and logos on wfku summoning red headed devils

  • WFKU GRAVEYARD Cemetery Flyer 212 

  •  WFKU Hot Church Flyer

  • WFKU Radio Goth Deaths Head Flyer 

  •  Tactical Beats Sundays from 9:00PM Helicopter Flyer


  •  Dj Draven's Tactical Beat Sundays at 9:00 Easter Standard Time

  • WFKU, Goth, Gasmask, WW1, Britain, UK, Commonwealth, Empire 

  •  WFKU Dark Alternative Radio Goth Gaskmask Love Flyer

  •  WFKU Dead Music For a Dead World - Gasmask

  •  WFKU is looking for DJS -CyberGoth :  We are looking to bring new talent to the WFKU Radio Goth Team

  • WFKU is looking for DJS -MountainTop 

  •  WFKU is looking for DJS - Skeleton marching band


  • Communion After Dark, The Castle, Ybor City, Tampa, Fl, Florida, Industrial, Synthpop, electronic, ebm, edm,  

  • Pod of the dead Sundays from 5:00 to 7:00 PM  Welcome to the POD of The Dead...Your weekly dose of undead reality, nightmares, frightmares and bumps in the night. Listen regularly for horror movie reviews, local bands, the theatre beat and more. Each episode we bring you deep inside our world with product and event information, interviews, bizarre news, comedy skits, characters from The Living Dead Mafia and more!

  • WFKU T-Shirt Greenwood Cemetery ; Anastasia  

  •  WFKU Pink Patches on a copy of Gothic Beauty Magazine

  •  WFKU patches in the radio studio under blacklight

  • WFKU Pink black Coffin Flyer WFKU Dark Alternative Radio - Goth Deathrock Punk Synths Electronic Listen to WFKU for quality Entertainment 24/7 

  • Tactical Beats Sundays from 9:00PM to Midnight Dj Draven  Tactical Beat is a fluid mixture of EBM, Synthpop, Trance, and Eurodance from Draven Taylor's diverse collection. Tune in to get a 3 hour dose of music from all reaches of the world. Some of the songs you will know and some will be new to you, but they will be in a format that has is unique and respectful to the artists. This is a show you will never hear anywhere else!

  •  Orson Wells - WFKU Radio Gods WFKU is looking for DJS

  •  Gothgram The only Gothic Photo Feeder Whats new in goth fashion Gothgram Rammstien 

  • Gothgram The only real-time photofeeder 

  •  #goth for gothgram

  •  WFKU Logo on Black Dark Alternative Goth Radio

  • Mystery Gothic Radio 12 A.D. June 5th 2013 with Special Guest Frankie Teardrop from the Harrow and Systems of Romance 

  • ‎"Have you ever wondered what it's like to walk the dusty halls of a DJ's music collection? Ever wanted to hear the songs that you won't hear in any club, but cling to a DJs heart like a fan drunk on box wine at closing time? Tune in to FIRE WALK WITH ME Mondays on WFKU and hear well seasoned and pickled DJ Delchi spin the things you might have heard, never have heard, and new music stumbled across thanks to the interwebs. It beats dealing with Monday , helps you remember Friday and is less painful than the hangover you survived on Sunday. Fire Walk With Me ,Live Mondays at 1800 EST on WFKU. "

  • The Carl Sagan Lounge at the Bernard's Star Orbital Station presents FIRE WALK WITH ME with DJ delchi (earth)  brought to you via WFKU Gothic Industrial Darkwave and a grab-bag of Audio errata 

  • Static from the Attic featuring Sean Templar: Gothic, Deathrock, Punk music. NY, New York


  •  HIfi Hillary's NYC Millennium, First, 2nd and last tuesdays.   All New Gothic, Alternative, Darkwave, and Rock Music from New York City 2000 and post

  • Dj Mistress Mccutchan Insomnia in the Bohemian House exclusively on WFKU Radio, Goth, Goth rock, Deathrock, Morbid outlook, Fridays 7:00PM Eastern


  •  WFKU We present to you haunting beats echoing from your nightmares and sanguine songs that go down smooth Dark Alternative Radio Goth DeathRock Punk Synths Electronic

  • WFKU  Hearse Flyer Dark Alternative Radio Goth Death Rock Punk Synths Electronic 

  • Mystery Gothic Radio 12 AD with Special Guest Prima Primo Mystery Gothic Radio 12 A.D. Wednesdays from 5:00 to 7:00 PM with Whiskey  MGR12AD is a weekly live show wednesdays, brought to you by station manager Whiskey. It features, interviews, old and new music, talk, and your requests from the chat. MGR12AD also has a an AV portion, and features the movie of the week which should be set to play with the audio down.

  •  WFKU Gothic Industrial Glow in the Dark Nylon Patches Pink and Yellow

  • Gothgram Gothic Photo Feeder Angelspit, Zoog von Rock Karl Langford 

  •  Communion after Dark, Ybor City, The Castle, Tampa Florida Buffy the Vampire Slayer Beer

  • Dj Jeffo! Every weekday from 9:00PM to 10:00PM Every New Wave, Goth, Industrial, Minimal, Italodisco

  •  WFKU Bumper Stickers Goth Death Rock Punk Industrial Synth pop Electronic

  • WFKU Dark Alternative Radio goth Flyer special edition

  • WFKU Dark Alternative Radio Goth Deathrock Punk Synths Electronic 

  •  Gothgram The only Realtime Gothic Photo Feeder Model Evey Rapova

  • Gothgram Voltaire #goth to see yourself The only realtime Gothic photoFeeder 

  • Mystery Gothic Radio 12 A.D. blush Response interview MGR12AD 

  • Dj Whiskey WFKU Secret Satan Holiday Broadcast Special.   Krampus, Monday December 24th.   Holiday music about the devil.   Industrial Gothrock and metal with special guest WFKU website designer techno composer and author 8Bit

  • Dj Whiskey Barbituate Obituary 7:00AM to 9:00Am Thursdays on WFKU.  A dark journey through trance trip-hop, electro, deep house, and or course Goth.

  •  Mystery Gothic Radio 12 A.D. Wednesdays from 5:00 to 7:00 PM with Whiskey  MGR12AD is a weekly live show wednesdays, brought to you by station manager Whiskey. It features, interviews, old and new music, talk, and your requests from the chat. MGR12AD also has a an AV portion, and features the movie of the week which should be set to play with the audio down.


  •  Fire Walk With Me on Mr Fish "CBGB'S Resident Cat"  Heard it live






  •  q










  •  Mystery Gothic Radio 12 A.D.






  • Ritual Noise Thursdays from 7:00 to 9:00 PM  With Dj Jack Pheonix  One of the longer-running Goth/Industrial shows on the internet, RITUAL NOISE was first started as a radio show broadcast in the UK in 2009. Since then, it has highlighted and showcased musicians in the Goth and Industrial music scenes, as well as UK 80’s top hits. It recently did Depeche Mode and Cure artist highlights. At the helm since it’s inception, DJ Jack Phoenix also owns 5 Goth/Industrial groups on Facebook, with over 12,000 patrons that he constantly maintains. He has also DJ’d some of the biggest event’s in the genre, in the United States and Canada




  • Dj Whiskey Electro Tranquility 4:00 AM to 7:00AM Tuesdays.  Chill out at the WFKU After party with some of the more mellow Goth and electro

  • Pre Halloween Devils Day Broadcast with Dj's Spaz and Whiskey October 30th 2012  Halloween Music Witchs, Ghosts, ghouls, and goblins, zombies Vampires, Werewolves, Angels and devils and everything halloween.  WFKU's favorite holiday.



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Dark Sancturary Radio Live with DJ Nivek Tek
19 April, 2014

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Monday: Dj Delchi's Fire Walk With Me 6:00PM
3rd Tuesdays: Origins with Albert Bouchard 7:00PM
4th Tuesdays: DJ Andi Harriman Live 7:00PM
Tuesday: Dj Marco Transmission Lima 10:00PM
Wednesday: Mystery Gothic Radio with Dj Whiskey 5:00PM
Wednesday: Ritual Noise with Jack Phoenix 8:00PM
Thursday: DJ Nederfolk Live 5:00PM
Thursday: DJ Despair Live 8:00PM
Thursday: Outscape with DJ Spaz 10:00PM
Friday: Gothic Darkness with Master Mel 5:00PM
Friday: Radio Folk Lima DJ Alexis 10:00PM
Saturday: Dark Sanctuary Radio with Nivek Tek 8PM
Saturday: The Den of Inequity with Baron Beaver 11:00PM
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