Your Advertising Script will be read by our DJ Staff at the beginning of most live shows.  The Shows are then syndicated as podcasts, which will start with a personal endorsement of your product.  Our Plan is based off the masters of old time radio as well as todays rising podcast stars, and Refined for maximum Result.   Your ad will be read 40+ times per month by at least 10 people.  We will do contests, giveaways, interviews, testimonies, and a web banner at no extra cost

$13 for 2 Months of WEB BANNER ADS:
A Web banner ad in our player and in the mobile applications and at the bottom of every page on the website including gothgram.   The banner runs at 768 x 90 on the bottom of the pages and 384 x 45 in the player.

WFKU Advertising

Advertising Stats:
Average Concurrent Listeners: 17
Podcast Downloads/listens per week 300+
Average Monthly Listener hours: 16000
Mobile Application Downloads: 5000+
Average Banner Impressions per month 17000
Unique Banner Impressions per month 3000
Members on Website 1200

[email protected] for more details