DJ cypher’s Blasphemous Rumors: Cure Tribute | 2018-02-27

DJ cypher presents a two-hour tribute to The Cure!

27 Feb. 2018


“10:15 Saturday Night”

“Three Imaginary Boys”

“A Forest”

“Play for Today”

“Killing an Arab”

“Jumping Someone Else’s Train”

“Boys Don’t Cry”


“All Cats are Grey”

“The Hanging Garden”


“A Strange Day”

“The Love Cats”

“The Walk”

“Let’s Go to Bed”

“Shake Dog Shake”

“The Caterpillar”

“In Between Days”

“Close to Me”

“A Night Like This”

“Charlotte Sometimes”

“Just Like Heaven”

“Like Cockatoos”

“Fascination Street”

“Pictures of You”


“From the Edge of the Deep Green Sea”

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