DJ cypher’s Dark Nation Radio | 2018-01-21

DJ cypher spins dark electronica with new Hypnoskull, Living Totem, Diverje, Anders Manga, Gary Numan, and more!


Squaremeter, “Discord (War of Sound)”

Chelsea Wolfe, “We Hit a Wall”

Mobthrow, “Black Fluid”

DJ Hidden, “Here Lies the Confusion”

Eff.Dst, “Amb”

The Cure, “The Love Cats”

Tangent, “Shattered”

Wumpscut, “Wreath of Barbs”

Anders Manga, “Perfectly Stranger”

Love Spirals Downward, “Madras”

The Dreaming, “Throw It All Away” (Red OK mix)

IAMX, “No Maker Made Me”

Atiq, “Sonorous” (Red Army mix)


Living Totem, “Life Causes Death”

Gary Numan, “Mercy”

Gin Devo, “City of Light”

iVardensphere, “Papa Legba”

Android Lust, “The Want” (Existence/Non-Existence mix)

ESA, “Tasting Nails”

Boy Harsher, “Love”

Absurd Minds, “Farewell”

Hypnoskull, “Die4.Generation” (Elisabeth Marta remix)

Diverje, “I Reject, Your Control”

:10:, “Wept”

Mon0taur, “Leviathan” (Sawtooth’s Assimilation mix)

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