DJ cypher’s Dark Nation Radio | 2018-01-28

DJ cypher’s Dark Nation Radio Playlis
28 January 2018

Pig vs. MC Lord of the Flies, “Shake”
Frontline Assembly, “Blush Response”
Victor Love, “Bitchcraft” (CHANT remix)
Eisbrecher, “Automat”
ESA, “It’s Hard to Sleep in Hell”
Juno Reactor, “Our World”
SITD, “Mundlos”
Numb, “Stalker”
Encephalon, “Limb From Limb”
Diverje, “We Still Remain”
Chainreactor, “Decayed Values”
[x]-Rx, “Pedestrian”
C/A/T, “Evidence 699”
This Morn Omina, “(The) Rûach (of God)”
iVardensphere, “Jigsaw” (Iszoloscope remix)
Atiq & EnK, “Shards of Brilliance”
Headdreamer, “Snowflakes”
Valhall, “Ormens Offer”
Kirlian Camera, “Moonlight Sonata for Holograms”
Zeromancer, “Hollywood”
Grendel, “Fall Like Rome”
Ginger Snap5, “Waiting For…”
Our Banshee, “The Answer”
The Firm Inc., “Schluss Mit Lustag” (Infacted version)
You Shriek, “New Romantic Circuitry”

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