DJ cypher’s Dark Nation Radio | 2018-03-25

DJ cypher’s Dark Nation Radio Playlist


Vandal Moon, “Baby Sounds”

Ritualz, “To Black”

Xentrifuge, “Circles of Dust”

Bornless Fire, “RUNA”

Fun Never Starts, “Dollar Store Witch”

Valhall, “Ruins of Vanaland”

Autumn-US, “A Vow Worth Keeping”

Boy Harsher, “Underwater”

Chelsea Wolfe, “Static Hum”

Living Totem, “Zeropanic”

Hypnoskull, “Die4.Generation” (Die 5siss R3m1x)

Neon Insect, “I.D.C.”

Kirlian Camera, “Sky Collapse”

Flesh Eating Foundation, “We Are Fucked”

Wovenhand, “Come Brave”

— — —

Grave Society, “Lilith in Nox”

Cruz de Navajas, “Depuracion”

Actors, “Face Meets Glass”

Headdreamer, “Meeting Myself in the City”

Vomito Negro, “Black Plague”

Encephalon, “Lunary”

Assemblage 23, “Bravery” (Solitary Experiments)

Boytronic, “Big Hands for the Dreamers”

Our Banshee, “It’s Not Real”

[x]-Rx, “There will Be Blood”

Clicks, “A New Way”

GoFight! “Make Some Noise”

The Gothsicles, “Holy Shit, We’re Playing Kinetik!”

Glue on Smile, “Hey”

Distortion Six, “Only Thing”

Ritual Howls, “Final Service”

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