What Does Radio Mean to You?  We Take That Word Very Seriously.    We bring you genuine live Radio in a world of impostors.  We are doing over 20 live shows per week.  We also have 12 other requests driven music channels to choose from, and of course Gothgram.    We made a  series of unique, over the top, radio tech jumps in order to be the best internet radio station in the world.   Consequently, as there are unspoken rules of broadcast…If something can break it will break.   All this awesome radio tech stuff doesn’t come easy.  We have done a fair job of bringing down our monthly expenses as low as we could, but it is still rather expensive to run compared to a website or a teamspeak server or whatever.It is an enormous amount of Work and every dollar helps! We really really need it.  You can support the DJs Directly by donating during a Live Show. We split your donation between the station and the DJ.  Of course will Send you buttons and stickers., and we will also add your name to our list of sponsors with a link.Take the opportunity to give something back and help us improve!



The Station is also funded via Ebay Sales.  Ebay purchases also come with free Stickers, and if you buy more than $50 dollars We will also send you a patch. Alternately, you can send Checks and Money Orders and of course music to our post office box

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