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     i think we should post about new club nights in our local area. There are 4, ALL gothic scened, in Phoenix AZ. All are on Friday nights.


    Club Haxan-1st Friday

    Sin O’ Rama-2nd Friday

    Tranzylvania-3rd Friday

    Under the Umbrella-4th Friday

    710 N. Central Ave, Phoenix,AZ. 


    All feature brilliant DJ’s,, spinning a moc of Gothic, Industrial, EBM, EDM. A most spacious dance floor, great bartenders, attentive security, frontside indoor/outdoor lounges, very chill atmosphere. Come in your most decadennt Gothic attire, or be casual but not sloppy. Ubder the Umbrella features an atmosphere with the Hothic and a heavy scent of the BDSM & DS attributes, as well as the splendid music.





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