In Michigan / metro-Detroit?

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    DJ McSpookypants, here!

    If you followed me here from Ann arbor’s Factory Mondays at Necto, or FarceBorg, or something, you probably know that I read off event announcements for metro-Detroit (including Windsor, ON, and Toledo, OH) and Central and Southeast Michigan about halfway through my show.  If not, hey! I do event announcements for my local audience! 😀

    Unfortunately, there’s only so much I can keep up with on my own, so if you want me to include your event on the announcements for any given week, drop me a note here, or via the DJ McSpookypants FB page (it’s more efficient than the WFKU FB, where all the DJs read and I have a slightly higher chance of missing your message).  I keep a full calendar of events but tend to keep my reads to about 5min and so seldom do more than two weeks of events at a time.

    Take care!


     — ^♥^ Ruadhán McSpookypants ^♥^


    DJ McSpookypants
Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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