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    WFKU Logo Goth Industrial Dark Alternative Worldwide Internet Radio
    This Summer on http://www.WFKU.org, we are in the elevator and headed to the 13th floor with the WFKU Paraskevidekatriaphobic Fundraiser! On Friday the 13th of July, face your fears and join us for 48 hours of nonstop live broadcast delivered by your favorite dark DJs and special guests. We will be raising money for operating costs and upgrades. The goal is to put us in the black – we think it suits us! Our generous donors won’t walk away empty handed, either. We’re offering a special digital media package for contributors as well as WFKU T-Shirts Stickers and Premium Membership, plus a long roster of special guests live in the studio. Are you ready to get rocked to the power of Thirteen? PDF
     The Paraskevidekatriaphobic fundraiser : Fear of Friday the Thirteenth Fundraiser
    Friday the Thirteenth is full of fear
    So lucky for us, there’s three this year
    The last one, occurring this July
    Is a special event – I’ll tell you why!

    But first here lies a little history,
    The truth behind this date’s mystery;
    The Templars were accused based on a hunch.   On Friday the Thirteenth, were a tortured bunch.

    Fridays were loathsome in Canterbury Tales;
    Anything planned would surely fail. In Rome, on Friday the crosses would stand And such was the fate of one unfortunate man.

    As for the number, do not throw a party
    For the thirteenth guest is sure to be sorry.
    And in your buildings, just skip that floor
    Unless you would like to risk the gore.

    Devil’s Dozen and Witches Sabbath,
    A hockey mask, superstitious habits;
    This warning tale is nearly through
    Save one more story we have for you…

    WFKU will hold a special fundraiser from July 12 to the 14, to sate the goddess and bring the station to its destined goal. Join us and come to our aid, and you shall be rewarded, too! Your contributions will help keep the station running and growing, so we can continue bringing our listeners the best goth, industrial, and all things dark. Reaching our goal will cover station operations and provide revenue for future programming and features.

    In return, all benefactors will receive a digital promo package which includes select new releases from Projekt Records and Storming The Base Records, as well as new tracks from Angelspit, Ruby Throat, FGFC820, Adrian H, Detroit Deisel, Psy’Aviah, S.P.O.C.K, Kayvon Zand, Revel Hotel , Dream Affair, Blush Response, and more. Also included is a book in PDF format about the Egyptian god "Succkit." from Author Mathew Byron. Not to be outdone by48 hours of quality broadcast, surprise antics, special guests, requests, bests, and more is planned as our thanks for your support.

    The event begins with our weekly live show Critical Damage Thursday
    July 12th at 4:00PM and will continue until July 14th at 4:00PM.

    Facebook Event Invite
    Google+ Event Invite

    WFKU T-Shirt Promo Photo Shot in Greenwood Cemetery

     The WFKU Paraskevidekatriaphobic fundraiser Thirteen 13 Paraskevidekatriaphobia


    FREE – Radio Broadcast

    1$ – Request songs (for the duration of the fundraiser)

    10$ – Digital Download

    $25 – Download + Tshirt

    $50 – Download Membership Tshirt and sticker

    $100 and up – Angelspit pill usb cd, Download T-shirt, sticker, magnet. membership, and more

    Friday is Freya’s day. Tall, shapely, and with flowing golden locks, the goddess steadied the reigns of her chariot, fronted by two felines. She was headed to the WFKU studio, among the halls of the Aegir. Asgard was decadently ornate as usual, but a certain gloom hung over the kingdom. Concern was raised amongst the halls that sacrifices weren’t being met. The seidr was brought to the Aegir by Freya, and her stormy eyes grew even darker when she heard the practice was being neglected. Freya stepped off her chariot and sauntered down to the hall of WFKU. The music grew louder as she sidled through the entrance. Stunned momentarily by her crafty charms, her intent soon became clear. A date, thought unlucky by most, was fast approaching. In July, the the thirteenth day of the month would be a Friday – and seidr and sacrifices had been ignored. Since they had not been practicing their rituals, Freya thought she would use a little magic of her own. So, a spell was cast over the station and all of Midgard who listened to them. Freya, with full command over her fateful date, ruled that if they did not produce sacrifices to her by the end of that weekend, the date would be bring terror on all the branches of the great Yggdrasil for the rest of eternity. But the fertile goddess was not entirely cruel. Freya also worked into her spell that if she was satisfied with the generous offerings she hoped to receive, that they would be rewarded. Not only would Friday the Thirteenth have a new, prosperous meaning, but the music of WFKU would thus reach all the lands connected by the glimmering Bifrost. With that, Freya, leaving all stunned with her craft, left the station and its listeners with glorious purpose and mounted her purring chariot.

    More Details

    Whiskey :: Chief of Information and Operation at WFKU host the Mourning Show, and co-host of Critical Damage

    Spaz :: Co-host of Critical Damage, and programmer of Thunderdome, Radical Wave,
    and New Wave Nostalgia on WFKU. Can often be found spinning at Otto’s Shrunken Head in

    Ian Fford :: A legendary DJ, from Webster Hall and The Bank, and countless other venues and parties since. Currently spinning at Splash! in NYC.

    Mama C :: Programmer of Chillout EBM on WFKU

    Cliff Cage :: host of EC2 on WFKU.

    Matt Echo :: Programmer of Sounds From The Belfry on WFKU

    Dandrogynous :: Member of the band Strange Walls and programmer of WFKU’s the Quiet

    Jeffo! :: Musical genius with a love for 80s music and new wave, and updated remixes.
    Programmer of an arsenal of shows on WFKU including Crushed By The Wheels Of Industry,
    Dance Or Diode, Future Past Collision, Maximum Minimal, and Xenon Linguini.

    DJ 23 :: is currently an active writer for SIDE-LINE Magazineand programmer of Afternoon Synthpop on WFKU.

    Living Dead Mafia :: A cast of macabre characters you may recognize from POD of the Dead.

    Grave :: As a member of DisturbancE Unit Productions, Synfull Dreamz Entertainment & Dyztort
    Entertainment, he adds to the Unit’s desire to disturb the nightlife, one club at a time.

    NYC After Dusk:: Fueled by a passion for the music and not its often superficial associations, their aim is to promote new and modern music, as well as underplayed artists.

    Joey Blush :: Member of the band Blush Response.

    Hifi Hillary :: Programmer of NYC Millennium on WFKU

    Templar :: Host of the Red Party and Underworld events in NYC, and programmer of Static In
    The Attic on WFKU


    Projekt :: Independent darkwave label established in 1983.

    Storming the Base :: Canada’s goth, industrial, metal, and EBM label

    Bands on the Digital Compilation:

    Angelspit :: Angelspit are an electro punk act hailing from Sydney, Australia, known for vicious distortion, biting lyrics and harsh drums.

    FGFC820 :: Rexx Arkana and Dracos are the DJs that form

    Ruby Throat :: KatieJane Garside (formerly of Daisy Chainsaw) and Chris Whittingham form this
    duo whose music recalls English folk music and Gothic Americana.

    Blush Response :: Replicants from The off World Mining Colony

    Adrian H and the Wounds :: Adrian’s cutting, tragically beautiful songs have emerged again on
    their sophomore album, "Dog Solitude," due this July on Projekt Records.

    Detroit Diesel :: French-Canadian EBM duo with powerful beats, distorted vocals, and great

    Psy’Aviah :: An eclectic and experimental band from Belgium, as well as the initiators of the
    Urban Sharing Project in Antwerp.

    S.P.O.C.K. :: Formed in 1988, this Swedish synthpop band is best known for their Star Trek
    inspired song, "Never Trust A Klingon."

    Kayvon Zand :: Dark pop singer/songwriter and performance artist based in NYC.

    Revel Hotel :: A band that delivers a marriage of dark glam, post-punk, and synthpop from New

    Dream Affair :: A New York band that invokes all the best elements of classic goth music with
    modern energy.

    Egyptian’s Sacred Rite: An Ancient Practice in a Modern World by Matthew James :: This book
    is a launching point to all those who wish to study and follow the Ancient Egyptian ways from
    a traditional standpoint. This book includes herbs common to the Egyptians, various stones,
    amulets, offerings and much more.

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