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    GuiltyStrangers- Black Magic Trouble
    Stiffs,  Inc – 250624
    The Dark – The Masque
    X-Mal Deutschland – Qual
    Two Witches – Nightmare
    Merciful Nuns – Radiation
    Tones on Tail – Christian Says
    Masquerade – Cry Like Birds
    Deep Eynde – Deep Dark Secret
    Corpus delecti – Sarabands
    Chameleons – In Shreds
    Twisted Nerve – When I’m Alone
    Joy Division – Walked In Line
    The Cure – Tthe Hanging Garden
    Funeral Parade – Eyes of MAdmen
    Belliocse Minds – Visions of Pain
    The Gun Club – Sex Beat
    Lost Cherees – Living in a Coffin
    Cemetery – State Ward
    Masses – Broken
    Broken Cups – Slave
    King Loses Crown – Revenge
    Samhain – Black Dream
    Spectres – Remote Viewing
    Play Dead – Witnesses
    Sex Gang Children – Barbarossa
    The Dwarves – Fuck you up & get high
    Dwarves – Drugstore

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