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    Q: how do I access the radio

    A: The easiest way is to go to.HTML 5 Web Player It should start immediately.
    Or access the Broadcast from our partners over at Radio Dark Italia and Neofolk Radio
    Download the iphone or the android Smartphone application.
    Direct link:
    You can also listen by calling this phone number 1-415-655-0195 thanks to zeno

    Q: Will shows be available as a podcast?

    A: Yes!  Our Space Catapult Radio to podcast syndication service is absolutely the best in the world. We syndicate podcast media significantly faster than the BBC’s System, Sets and Playlists are recorded automatically, the podcast is generated and syndicated through apple, google, RSS, Torrents, as a wordpress post, reposted through most social networks, and a few other places minutes after the DJ gets off the air. All done with absolutely no extra work for the Djs or staff.
    Subscribe here:

    Q: I want to get attention for my project?

    A: You can send us physical CD’s but we would rather you send an email to all the live DJs, Please include a blurb about your project and use a link for your music. Do Not put the file directly in the email. If you want your Music Played live you must properly Tag your music. No ID3 = no airplay. If you send over anything physical also send us an email. you can email ALL of the WFKU DJs at once! [email protected]

    WFKU P.O. Box #2844
    Church St Station
    NY. NY. 10008

    Q: Is there a particular time when 90’s Goth gets played

    A: There is a Requests Driven Channel dedicated to Goth Rock only in the player. Otherwise there is a 24 hour schedule in 5 different timezones where you can find our weekly programming information

    Q: Would you be interested in featuring a horror themed radio show on your station?

    A: . Yes, and we already have one. Out of My Head Radio Fridays from 8:00PM to 10:00PM

    Q: What i would like to know is if you can help me get a job,

    A: We have an extremely limited budget but will take interns if you are in the NYC area. We Can pay for Subway and lunch. [email protected]

    Q: Can I get a listing for what all the symbols on the sticker mean?

    A: The top bar is Glyphs from many cultures all symbolizing death. The bottom is a few readily identifiable Egyptian glyphs with no intentional meaning when put together as a word.

    Q: where are you?

    A; The Server is located in Denmark  management is in New York City, however our DJ’s Broadcast Worldwide from 3 out of 7 continents.

    Q: what is the main objective W.F.K.U ?

    A: To provide high quality radio entertainment 24/7.

    Q: Will there be more DEATH METAL?

    A: Perhaps someday. Are you a great Death Metal Dj looking for a Station?

    Q: Where do you go to find new music?

    A: Record Labels, Promoters, Agents and Artists usually send it to us, however all the Djs Look hard to find things on their own.

    Q: This song is amazing! Are there usually any links to buy

    A: Yes Of Course, You can buy anything played on WFKU from Itunes Amazon or ebay

    Feel Free to ask more questions below

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