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    October WFKU email


    Sven Van Hees
    Sven Van Hees
    Sven Van Hees
    Sven Van Hees
    Sven Van Hees
    Sven Van Hees
    Sven Van Hees
    Sven Van Hees
    Sven Van Hees
    Sven Van Hees
    Sven Van Hees
    Sven Van Hees
    Sven Van Hees
    Sven Van Hees
    Sven Van Hees
    Sven Van Hees
    Sven Van Hees
    Sven Van Hees
    Sven Van Hees
    Sven Van Hees
    October 21st 2015

    WFKU BLOOD AND GUTS has done some truly amazing things this year.  There is SamhainGram for our favorite Holiday.   Get ready for the live show improved with Version 3 of our live remote broadcasting system.   Check out the new website now done in wordpress.  Listen to the two new all requests stations American Roadtrip and Witchwave.   We have teamed up with two other radio internet radio stations, Order of the dragon and  Show your Support for Equality with our WFKU pride six pin set.   Don’t miss our new and wonderful DJ’s Mr Dark, Insidious Ghost, and Mcspookypants.   Witness, listen in high quality AAC+ radio format.


    Samhaingram is the latest of a series of
    pages.   This one is oriented specifically toward our favorite holiday, Halloween.   Like all the other Gothgram’s Samhaingram simply delivers the latest instagram Halloween posts. Realtime!

    All Hallow’s Eve is leering around the corner and this
    presentation of the WFKU advertising pays homage to one of
    the legends of horror while expressing a message. The
    message is fitting for the era that Vincent Price called
    home and to present a resource for businesses that want to
    use the resources of the present to help them in the future.

    Is WFKU the best avenue for you? Internet radio is one of the
    resources that are often missed and for any business every
    resource should be considered. The care that WFKU put into
    this commercial is a glimpse at what they can offer a
    business that wants to heed to the sagely words on the great
    Mr. Price. If you would like to hear this impressive
    commercial, we have it ready for your listening pleasures here!

    Extremo Sur radio show raises to the world live sets,  with
    folk, post punk, goth, electronics and also metal tunes.
    Emerson Dracon was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, being the most southeast country of the world; Extremo Sur means “Extreme South”.

    McSpookypants hosts Catacombs and Nursery Bones, every
    Tuesday, Noon to 3pm (Eastern) three weeks a month, and
    every third week is The Swirly Girly Show, and all – women
    artist showcase, with any applicable fifth weeks as Dust
    & Cobwebs, an all – covers showcase, and several special
    shows throughout the year. His radio style is Dark Freeform,
    building from his time with Ann Arbor’s WCBN, meaning that
    any goth – friendly genre is game, and experimentation
    sometimes happens.

    Mr. Dark’s Audio Nasty is unlike any other horror theme show around. It features full cast radio dramas, exclusive
    celebrity interviews not carried out at conventions, but
    carried out from an entertainment insider with interviews
    focused on professionals in the industry instead of fans.
    These are interviews designed to help other professionals.
    The show is topped off with a diverse selection of dark
    underground music.

    Cocktail de Boue makes the evening quite extraordinaire:
    theatricality, stories of delusions, obsessions and dark
    dreams… sounds of dark cabaret, vaudeville, carnival,
    french chanson, circus, steampunk, avant-garde, swing and
    folk…. the most unique artists and musicians together in a dark and dramatic tapestry

    Twisted playthings… Insidious Ghost plays music from the darker side of the rainbow in the Haunted Realms. A variety of classic and new sounds including witchhouse, industrial, postpunk, coldwave, dark ambient, darkwave, newbreed, and everything in between in a repertoire of unearthly goodies.

    Witchwave requests station is a look into the new Occult
    movement, brought on by the real sense of disconnectedness
    created by a hyper stimulated information society. A haunted
    atmosphere surrounded by elements of evil and ethereal
    encompass these sounds from the dark side.

    American Road Trip requests station is a classic rock Road trip
    experience curated by the famous Albert Bouchard from Blue
    Oyster Cult.   Good enough to power your Car Radio
    From coast to coast. 

    Check out our best Gothgram
    yet, GothGramModels. A page featuring the fabulous and wonderful people who model for 
    We feel this page portrays gothgram as well as the models we
    work with in the best light, and is tons of fun.

    We have also released Steamgram for steampunks, Cosplaygram for
    our role playing gamer friends, Creepygram, Sadgram, and
    Suicidegram, a tribute to the Suicide Girls.   

    To celebrate national equality, we have made a limited number
    of WFKU Rainbow Pride pins.   Pick up a set from our


    The HTML 5 Player has been overhauled one more time.
    We have incorporated our chat into the player
    which allows both anonymous guests and Registered users
    alike to post.  

    We have also built in a Requests system for seven out of eight
    of our great stations.   It uses auto suggest
    technology and has a visual queue.  Both of our new
    stations use the new requests technology.

    For our flagship main station we have built something truly
    awesome. The WFKU Live Remote Broadcast System Version 3,
    which features time sensitive logins and unique user
    passwords.   The system is transparent and requires absolutely no more action from the DJ other than broadcasting during their allocated time, using their unique password,  If there are any problems, the station changes up and broadcasts something else until the DJ can resolve the issue.   

    Our latest bit of crazy involves the website back end.
    We have changed content management systems from
    Drupal to wordpress in order to modernize certain elements,
    lower costs, and expand into the future.  The login has
    been overhauled. It pulls up rather than dropping
    down.   We never had a security problem with
    Janrain, but feel that many of you appreciate us running
    much more standardized elements. We have gone generic with A
    Very Standard Facebook login  and an added Instagram login.
       The DJ Uploaded slideshow now Runs without any issues, does a
    nice fade is bigger, and covers all uploaded flyers rather
    than just the last 20.  The photos are also posted on
    the DJ Profiles and in the Gallery.   The Schedule
    is now more dynamic and presents the upcoming live shows in
    real time on the front page.   It also shows all upcoming shows from the schedule in another format.
        We added a player dropdown menu and a bunch more gothgrams. We Integrated the Forums directly into the about.  We also added the ability to make groups, add friends, send private massages, post status’s, and get notifications.  The Charts Page still loads slowly but works slightly better as well. The Player is awesome in phones
    however, We are almost finished making the rest of the site
    100% mobile device friendly.   We did all of this as
    well as cut our web hosting costs in half.

    we are broadcasting in high quality AAC+ format , as well as
    a medium quality mp3 format.   our player detects if your browser or device is compatible and attempts to give you the higher quality format, if you using an old or incompatible browser you will be listening via mp3.  Currently our AAC+ Broadcast is only accessible from the player using Chrome, Edge, Safari, and  Opera, as well as the Android and IOS web browsers.  

    Send us promo’s [email protected] Please do not put your music directly into the email,  include a link to a downloadable file. Properly Tag said file or we will never find it again; and include a blurb or we won’t have any idea what you are about.

    Photography and Modeling email [email protected] Please include high quality photos as well as info for photography and modeling credit.

    Live DJ Inquiries and Advertising email [email protected]

    Send Physical Things, Music, Flyers, Stickers, CDs, Money Orders, Checks or anything else over to.


    WFKU P.O. Box#2844
    Church St Station
    NY NY 10008

    Sven Van Hees
    Sven Van Hees
    Sven Van Hees
    Sven Van Hees
    Sven Van Hees
    Sven Van Hees
    Sven Van Hees
    Sven Van Hees
    Sven Van Hees
    Sven Van Hees
    Sven Van Hees
    Sven Van Hees
    Sven Van Hees
    Sven Van Hees
    Sven Van Hees
    Sven Van Hees
    Sven Van Hees
    Sven Van Hees
    Sven Van Hees
    Sven Van Hees


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