LIVE DJ cypher’s Dark Nation Radio | 2018-01-07

Part II of DJ cypher’s 2017 retrospective, featuring Eisbrecher, Pig, Autoclav 1.1, Stars Crusaders, Inertia, The Birthday Massacre, Delete, Lucidstatic, and a lot more!

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  1. cypher says:

    DJ cypher’s Dark Nation Radio Playlist
    7 January 2018: 2017 Retrospective Pt. II

    Delete, “I Am Muscovite”
    Stairway Maze, “Step Inside the Maze”
    Semiomime, “Garden Portal”
    Samhain, “Democracy”
    SB-Six, “Redemption”
    Eff.Dst, “Woods of Mystery”
    Dread, “Dread Naught”
    Eusebeia, “Heightened Senses”
    Huron, “Time to Wait”
    Lionhearts, “Thread”
    Displacer, “Gravitational”
    Autoclav 1.1, “Uranometria”
    Lucidstatic, “Deception” (:10: mix)
    Pig, “Found in Filth”
    Eisbrecher, “Der Wahnsinn”
    Rroyce, “Who Needs” (Beborn Beton)
    For All the Emptiness, “Seduced by a Disease”
    Ludovico Technique, “Absence” (Encephalon mix)
    Stars Crusaders, “Gemini”
    Brigade Werther, “North + South”
    Inertia, “Dream Machine”
    The Birthday Massacre, “Counterpane”
    Adoration Destroyed, “Fingerbleed”
    Mesh, “Runway”

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