LIVE DJ cypher’s Dark Nation Radio | 2018-02-25

DJ cypher spins new Anders Manga, Ginger Snap5, iVardensphere, Living Totem, Anders Manga, Boytronic, Actors, and more!

Playlist, 25 Feb. 2018

Actors, “L’appel du Vide”

Non-Alignment Pact, “Modern Times”

Bella Morte, “One Bright Soul in This Emptiness”

Press Gang Metropol, “Until”

Luxury Stranger, “Dismissal”

Trentmøller, “Still on Fire”

Anders Manga, “Almost Human”

Jenn Vix, “Nerve”

Ginger Snap5, “Polaris”

In Strict Confidence, “Everything Must Change”

Ludovico Technique, “Absence” (Ghostfeeder remix)

Mechanical Moth, “Abendroit”

Istanbul Hippodrome, “Diet of Worms”


Ad*Ver*Sary, “Bone Music” (Antigen Shift remix)

Torul, “Explain”

Chelsea Wolfe, “The Warden”

Semiomime, “Magnetic Moments”

Yura Yura, “Schize”

Neon Insect, “Sneaky”

Cesium_137, “Fields”

Massiv In Mensch, “Alone”

Ritual Howls, “Spirit Murder”

Boytronic, “The Universe”

Living Totem, “The Parameter is Incorrect”

iVardensphere, “Surface Tension”

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