LIVE DJ cypher Dark Nation Radio | 2017-04-01

DJ cypher presents a devout Easter program.

Laibach vs. The Sopranos

My Life w/ The Thrill Kill Kult, “Days of Swine & Roses”

Ministry, “Jesus Built My Hotrod”

Depeche Mode, “Personal Jesus

Wumpscut, “Wreath of Barbs”

Voltaire, “God Thinks”

Anders Manga, “We Won’t Stay Dead”

Dope Stars Inc., “Lies Irae”

— — — —

And We All Die, “Modern Day Privateers” (Daniel Ash remix)

PreCog, “Dig In”

Ummagma, “Galacticon”

Headdreamer, “All is Illusion”

V01d, “Wave After Wave”

Boytronic, “Disco City”

A Million Machines, “Ceremony”

Antipole, “Deco Blue”

— — — —

Fun Never Starts, “180 Proof of the Afterlife”

Stairway Maze, “Rush Hour”

Antigen Shift, “Fimbul Winter”

Das Ich, “Der Schrei” (Laboratory X remix)

Dead When I Found Her, “Braille”

Mind Divided, “Apsis”

Autumn-us, “My Last Confession”

Dice People, “Synthetic”

Pig, “Rope” (Keith LeBlanc remix)

Haujobb, “Penetration” (Forma Tadre remix)

Stendeck, “Life Falling Crystals”

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