LIVE DJ Cypher Dark Nation Radio | 2017-05-15

Broadcast from 24/7 Internet radio dark macabre

Track list:

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  1. cypher says:

    DJ cypher’s Dark Nation Radio
    14 May 2017

    Interface, “It Begins Today” (Eric’s Dub Revolution remix)
    Hexheart, “A Thousand Times” (The Rain Within remix)
    Project Pitchfork, “Rain”
    Assemblage 23, “Automaton”
    Stars Crusaders, “Once Again”
    Haujobb, “Crossfire”
    OTX, “Breaking Fences”
    This Morn’ Omina, “Ayahuasca”
    Stoneburner, “Shah-Nama”
    Crisis Actor, “Superstar”
    Fix8Sed8, “Permanent Memory Loss”
    Headdreamer, “All is Illusion”
    Autoclav1.1, “Wafter Skin”
    Flint Glass & Collapser, “Opening of Wrath (Sylvgheist Maelstrom remix)
    Mlada Fronta, “Spot”
    Gin Devo, “In This Heat”
    ES23, “Destroy This Earth”
    Headscan, “Dead Silver Sky”
    Nachtmahr, “El Chupacabra”, “This Stillness of Hours”
    Ish, “Fragment of Life”
    Clan of Xymox, “The Rain Will Wash Away”
    Panic Lift, “Finally What you Wanted” (Cyanotic remix)
    GoFight, “Turn It Up”
    Massiv In Mensch, “Alone”
    Decoded Feedback, “Behind My Smile”

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