LIVE DJ Cypher Dark Nation Radio | 2017-08-28

Broadcast from 24/7 Internet radio dark macabre

Track list:

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  1. cypher says:

    DJ cypher’s Dark Nation Radio
    27 August 2017

    Bella Morte, “Exorcisms”
    Voltaire, “Captains All”
    Forces of Light, “Diviner” (Null Device)
    nTTx, “Falls Beautiful” (Rotersand)
    Loreli Dreaming, “Echo Chamber” (Iris)
    Decoded Feedback, “Strange Times”
    Project Pitchfork, “Schall und Rauch”
    Assemblage 23, “Afterglow” (Rain Within)
    Llumen, “Lux Aeterna” (Aestiche)
    Clicks, “Take control”
    Digital Factor “Depression”
    Covenant, “Stalker”
    VNV Nation, “Tomorrow Never comes”
    Dismantled, “Disease” (Sleepless remix)
    SAM, “Corporate Violence”
    The Retrosic, “The Bomb”
    Skinny Puppy, “Pro-Test”
    Lucidstatic, “Deception” (:10:)
    Seeming ft. Sammus, “Stranger”
    Mind.Divided, “Venice Night”
    Legend, “Captive”
    Uberbyte, “Stand up”
    Black Opz, “Business as Usual”
    Zombie Girl, “Bleeder”
    Surgyn, “Sharp as Stars”
    Noisuf-X, “Jezebel” (2017)

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