LIVE DJ cypher Dark Nation Radio | 2017-09-10

DJ cypher spins a mix of new and classic goth, industrial, and intelligent electronica

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  1. cypher says:

    Dark Nation Radio Playlist, 9.10.17

    Legend, “Amazon War”
    Autoclav1.1, “All Long Black Spirals”
    Disharmony, “Blackhole”
    Cinderella Effect, “Standing”
    Diary of Dreams, “Lebenslag”
    iVardensphere, “Filterscape” (Dym)
    Monstrum Sepsis, “Tantric Presentiment”, “Certain is the Plague of Fables”
    Headdreamer, “Breathe”
    Lucidstatic, “Dreams of Purgatory”
    Clicks, “Party Hard”
    L’ombre, “Interlocution” (Mimetic)
    Tzolk’in & Flint Glass, “Zotz”
    Inertia, “Only Law” (Android Lust)
    Mechanical Moth, “Sand in Mein Händen” (Neon Insekt)
    Undermathic, “10:10 PM”
    Ontal, “Loa”
    The Tear Garden, “Spare a Dime”
    Gary Numan, “Listen to My Voice”
    SITD, “Mundlos”
    God Module, “Victims Among Friends”
    Diverge, “Suffer This World” (Centhron)
    Grendel, “Fatal Flaws” (Ah Cama-Sotz)
    CTRLer, “I Love the Strange Way You Love Me”
    ESA, “The Sea & the Silence, Pt. 1”
    Cubanate, “Come Alive”
    Dym, “Autonomy of the Will”

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