LIVE DJ cypher Dark Nation Radio | 2017-10-01

DJ cypher focuses on new releases from Bella Morte and Voltaire

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  1. cypher says:

    Now available for downloading/streaming: this past Sunday’s DJ cypher’s Dark Nation Radio broadcast featuring tracks from the new BELLA MORTE and VOLTAIRE albums! The playlist is below. And since October is WFKU’s big fundraising push, if you can contribute to help keep this all-volunteer enterprise going, it is greatly appreciated. All donations of any size are greatly appreciated–and please let me know if you pitch in so I can thank you (or your band or label) live on the air!

    DJ cypher’s Dark Nation Radio Playlist
    Sunday October 1st, 2017

    Bella Morte, “Ruins”
    Autumn, “How It Came To Be This Way”
    Judith, “Future”
    Faith & the Muse, “Battle Hymn”
    Voltaire, “Raised by Bats”
    Bella Morte, “Christina”
    The Deep Eynde, “She Likes Skulls”
    Astrovamps, “Transylvania”
    Clan of Xymox, “I Need to Be Alone”
    Voltaire, “The Projectionist”
    Zombina & the Skeletones, “The New Orleans Incident”
    Brilling, “Nihilist”
    Zadera, “Das Licht”
    Cinema Strange, “Night Falls”
    Bella Morte, “Black Orchids”
    Ghost & Writer, “Never Take Fire” (Secret mix)
    Lionhearts, “No Going Back”
    Seabound, “Hooked” (radical alt. vocals mix)
    Edge of Dawn, “The Nightmare I Am” (Stromkern)
    Voltaire, “The Man Upstairs” (remix)
    Voltaire, “In Disguise”
    Bella Morte, “Fall No More”
    Bella Morte, “Darker Waters”
    Chelsea Wolfe, “Carrion Flowers”
    Garden of Delight, “Northern Skies”
    Voltaire, “Goodnight Demonslayer”

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