LIVE DJ Cypher Dark Nation Radio | 2017-10-16

Broadcast from 24/7 Internet radio dark macabre

Track list:

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  1. cypher says:

    DJ cypher’s Dark Nation Radio playlist

    First Hour: Mindtrick Records 10th anniversary celebration
    Semiomime, “A Day’s Rain”
    Delete, “I Am Muscovite”
    Huron, “Tranxds77”
    SB-Six, “Redemption”
    Atiq + EnK, “Moonlit Tea Party”
    Eusebeia, “Dark Leaves”
    Rlyeh1, “Reminiscence”
    Zinovia, “The Blue Shade of Dawn Covered Your Skin”
    Mobthrow, “Mystical Forest”
    Broken Note, “Black Mirror”
    The Travel, “Siren Suicide”
    Hour 2: Mostly Dependent Records
    Alec Empire, “Now It’s Between You and GD”
    Gary Numan, “Ghost Nation”
    Legend, “Frostbite”
    Noir, “The Burning Bridge” (Panic LIft)
    MIndless Faith, “Red Halos”
    (R) Ginger Snap5, “I Disappear” (Club)
    Encephalon, “Illuminate”
    Decoded Feedback, “Behind My Smile”
    Dismantled, “Disease” (Contagious rmx)
    Mesh, “Everything I Made” (Kloq remix)
    VNV Nation, “Momentum”
    Covenant, “Prime Movers”

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