LIVE DJ cypher Dark Nation Radio | 2017-11-19

DJ cypher presents new material from Grendel, Seeming, Ludovico Technique, Chainreactor, Ginger Snap 5, Our Banshee, and much more!

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  1. cypher says:

    DJ cypher’s Dark Nation Radio
    2017-11-19 Playlist…/

    Chainreactor, “Legendary Suffering”
    Ludovico Technique, “Absence” (Ghostfeeder rmx)
    Autumn-us, “The Fall” (Broken mix)
    Elm, “Kampftrinker”
    Clicks, “A New Way”
    5f_55, “4170 794f 46”
    Monolith, “Talisman”
    Codec, “Snake Charmer”
    Collide, “Orgy”
    Chelsea Wolfe, “House of Metal”

    Kirlian Camera, “Sky Collapse”
    Grendel, “Far Away” (Panic Lift remix)
    Liquid Divine, “Not Your Life”
    Entrzelle, “Power Play”
    Mesh, “The Last One Standing”
    VNV Nation, “Joy”
    Covenant, “Brave New World”
    A Million Machines, “Come Tonight”

    [x]-Rx, “Riot”
    Ginger Snap 5, “Pieces of Regret”
    Psyclon Nine, “Divine Infekt”
    Celldweller, “The Best It’s Gonna Get”
    ESC, “Le Voyage D’Ivoire Sophisme”
    Lorelei Dreaming, “Scream With Me” (Go Fight Remix)
    Our Banshee, “The River”
    Glenn Love, “(R)age Electric”
    nTTx, “True”
    Seeming, “Phantom Limb”

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