LIVE DJ Cypher Dark Nation Radio | 2018-02-12

Broadcast from 24/7 Internet radio dark macabre
Track list:

DJ cypher’s Dark Nation Radio Playlist
11 Feb. 2018

HOUR ONE: Rockin’ the Older Tracks

White Zombie, “Welcome to the Planet Motherfucker / Psychoholic Slag”
Ministry, “Stigmata”
NIN, “Wish”
Deathride 69, “F##ked Up Generation”
Pitchshifter vs. Biohazard, “Triad” (Gunshot remix)
Headcrash, “Freedom”
Rorschach Test, “Satan”
Acumen Nation, “Gun Lover”
Sepultura, “Ratamatatta”
Horton Heat, “Big Sky / Baddest of the Bad”
Jane’s Addiction, “Mountain Song”
Social Distortion, “Reach for the Sky”
KMFDM, “Juke Joint Jezebel

HOUR TWO: All New Material

Cesium_137, “Confusion”
ELYXR, “Strong Stubborn Proud”
Torul, “Explain” (Beborn Beton mix)
Frame of Mind, “Devil in Disguise”
Nine Seconds, “Agent Provocateur”
Shapeshiftingaliens, “Showing My Face”
Hante, “Empty Space” (Antipole Paris Alexander mix)
Headdreamer, “Touch If You Can”
Valhall, “Bonetrees”
Our Banshee, “Undone to the Light” (3rd revision)
The Frozen Autumn, “Grey Metal Wings”
Hypnoskull, “Die4.Generation” (Die6siss R3ml)

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