LIVE DJ Cypher Dark Nation Radio | 2018-02-19

DJ cypher presents a two-hour uninterrupted program of intelligent electronica. Airdate: 18 February 2018

Track list:

Headdreamer, “Snowflakes”
Stendeck, “Violently Exciting and Extremely Loud”
Autoclav 1.1, “Inhale/Exhale”
R.Roo, “On the Other Side of the Glass”
Displacer, “To Live, Love, Die or Kill” (Lucidstatic remix), “As If December Never Happened” (Anklebiter remix)
Poordream, “Despair”
L’ombre, “Disappear”
Flint Glass & Collapser, “Olden Wrath of the Great Ones” (remix)
Monstrum Sepsis, “Corona Dissolve”
Ginormous, “Begin with the End in Mind”
Seneptika, “Reboot Me” (Headdreamer remix)
Talvekoidik, “Such a Perfect Day”
Legend, “Amazon War”
Diaphne, “Interstice”
Tzolk’in, “Sotz”
Iszoloscope, “First Transcendental Component”
Zinovia, “Chimera”
SE, “I Need a Medic”
Eff.Dst, “Perpetual”
Disharmony, “Hypercommunity” (Plasmodium remix)
Enduser, “Keep Telling”
Grains of Sound, “Ancient Ocean”

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