LIVE DJ Cypher – Dark Nation Radio | 2018-04-09

DJ cypher’s Dark Nation Radio, 8 April 2018
Track list:

Oil 10, “Lost in Metropolis”

Skinny Puppy, “Use Less”

The_Empath, “Burden of the Past”

Dym, “Touch”

Dread, “A New Dark Dub”

Lunascape, “Electro Love”

Ad*Ver*Sary, “Friends of Father” (Tonikom remix)

Poordream, “Open Probability”

Comaduster, “Chasms”

Ivory Frequency, “Beasts and Demons”

Alec Empire, “Victims of Authority”

Unwoman, “Ceremony”

Mirabilis, “World Indifferent” (Restoration mix)

— — —

Qntal, “O Fortuna”

iVardensphere, “Kagu-Tsuchi”

Azmotronik, “Last One In For Breakfast”

Acretongue, “Orphan’s Affinity”

Lionhearts, “Cloud”

Atiq, “Sonorous”

Tineidae, “Chased by a Moment”

Haujobb, “The Noise Institute”

Headdreamer, “Darkland” (Huron mix)

Zinovia, “Blind”

Autoclav 1.1, “Heliopause”

Liquid Divine, “Trillion”

Twinkle, “L’Altération cingiante”

Suicide Inside, “Angel” (Flint Glass remix)

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