LIVE DJ Cypher – Dark Nation Radio | 2018-05-07

DJ cypher’s Dark Nation Radio Playlist

6 May 2018

Autumn-us, “Away”

Candèlabre, “Lone Wolf”

Vandal Moon, “Nevermore”

Fun Never Starts, “Golden Calf Corral”

Chelsea Wolfe, “Vex”

Trentemøller, “Circuits”

Esben & the Witch, “Slow Wave”

Seeming, “The Wildwood”

Our Banshee, “Wenn Die Erde Bebt”

SPC ECHO, “Ghosts”

Hante, “Empty Space Antipole” (Paris Alexander remix)

Mortiis, “Perfectly Defect”

Headdreamer, “Touch If You Can”

— — — —

Poptone, “Mirror People”

Shriekback, “Wriggle & Drone”

Qntal, “NachtBlume”

Zcluster, “Broken Things”

On the Floor, “You Came to Dance”

Lorelei Dreaming, “Echo Chamber” (Iris remix)

IAMX, “North Star” (single mix)

The Dreaming, “Painkillers”

Skinny Puppy, “Pro-Test”

HECQ, “Road North”

Matsumarii, “Lurking in Dark Water”

Binary Park, “How Strange”

Varicella, “Mindfucked” (Krebs mix)

Ritual Howls, “Nervous Hands”

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