LIVE DJ Cypher – Dark Nation Radio | 2018-06-18

DJ cypher’s Dark Nation Radio Playlist

June 17, 2018

Social Station, “Try” (Red This Ever remix)

Qntal, “O Fortuna”

[x]-Rx, “Code Red”

Dreams Divide, “Puppet Live”

SITD, “Zenit”

Imminent + Synapscape, “Virtual Retaliation”

Mind.In.A.Box, “Unforgiving World”

Marching Dynamics, “Confederate” (Elemental Soul Fire)

Frontline Assembly, “Beneath the Rubble”

Doll Factory, “Shapeshifter”

KMFDM, “Come On Go Off” (Rotersand mix)

Skinny Puppy, “Optimissed” (THB remix)

Psylon Nine, “Use Once and Destroy” (Alien Vampires version)

Accessory, “Bad Conditions”

— — —

Lords of Acid, “Goldfinger”

Moby, “James Bond theme”

Orbital, “The Saint”

Nancy Sinatra, “Last of the Secret Agents”

— — —

Deathride 69, “Fucked Up Generation”

Juno Reactor, “Let’s Turn On”

Numb, “Suspended”

Dawn of Ashes, “Ripped Apart”

C/A/T, “Evidence 699”

Nebulo, “Abslog”

2nd Face, “Nuclear winter is Coming”

Blue Images, “Tonight”

Drab Majesty, “To Soon to Tell”

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