LIVE DJ cypher’s Blasphemous Rumors | 2018-04-10

DJ cypher’s Blasphemous Rumors Playlist
10 April 2018

Peter Murphy, “Marlene Dietrich’s Favorite Poem”
Dead Can Dance, “The Arcane”
This Mortal Coil, “Song to the Siren”
Modern English, “Life in the Gladhouse”
Love & Rockets, “Everybody Wants to Go to Heaven”
Colourbox, “Just Give ’em Whiskey”
— — —
The Psychedelic Furs, “Here Come Cowboys”
The Icicle Works, “Evangeline”
Shelleyan Orphan, “Shatter”
The Cocteau Twins, “Heaven or Las Vegas”
Book of Love, “Boy” (extended)
The Railway Children, “Every Beat of Your Heart”
The Jesus and Mary Chain, “Head On”

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