LIVE DJ cypher’s Dark Nation Radio | 13-05-18

DJ cypher’s Dark Nation Radio Playlist

13 May 2018

Hansel und Gretyl, “9D Galactic Center”

iVardensphere, “Kagu-Tsuchi”

Psy’Aviah, “PeaceParadox” (Etasonic mix)

Syrian, “No Atmosphere”

For All the Emptiness, “I Die” (Assemblage 23 remix)

Lights of Euphoria, “True Life” (VNV mix)

Icon of Coil, “Former Self”

Boytronic, “New Year’s Day”

The Firm, Inc., “Schluss Mit Lustig” (Infacted mix)

KMFDM, “Come On Go Off”

Wumpscut, “Capital Punishment”

Front Line Assembly, “Sado-Masochism” (VAC Abandoned mix)

Juno Reactor, “Mona Lisa Overdrive”

Qntal, “Echo”

— — — —

[x]-Rx, “Electric Man”

Diverje, “Stand Together”

Surgyn, “Hit a Nerve”

Noisuf-X, “Destroyed”

Alien Vampires, “Far From Humans”

The Birthday Massacre, “Leaving Tonight”

Soman, “Waste”

Goteki, “Autoloader”

Sonik Foundry, “Undead”

Iszoloscope, “Chronophage”

Massiv In Mensch, “Alone”

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