LIVE DJ cypher’s Dark Nation Radio | 2017-09-17

DJ cypher presents the best in new and classic goth, industrial, and intelligent electronica

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  1. cypher says:

    DJ cypher’s Dark Nation Radio Playlist
    17 Sept. 2017
    Psycho Mutants, “No Hero”
    K.Flay, “Blood in the Cut”
    Eff.Dst, “Blackout”
    HexRx, “Crawler” (Splatter mix)
    God Module, “Doppelganger”
    Hex Heart, “A Thousand Times” (The Rain Within)
    Luxury Stranger, “Dismissal”
    Vaniish, “Cold Fascination”
    STFU, “Do It Now”
    Front Line Assembly, “System Anomaly”
    DI Auger, “The Human Condition”
    Ego Likeness, “Treacherous Thing” (Ludovico Technique)
    Conjure One, “Tears From the Moon”
    Cyanide Regime, “Memorial”
    Covenant, “Sound Mirrors”
    Stendeck, “Violently Exciting and Extremely Loud”
    FIRES, “To Be All Alone” (Adoration Destroyed)
    Mesh, “You’ll Never Understand”
    Mobthrow, “Desert City Rising”
    Ginormous, “Begin with the End in Mind”
    Gary Numan, “Love Hurt Bleed”
    Hanzel und Gretyl, “Pleiadian Agenda”
    Prometheus Burning, “Kill It With Fire”
    Horchata, “Anamorph”
    Seeming, “The Burial”
    Architect, “Unhuman”
    YelworC, “Icolation”

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