LIVE DJ cypher’s Dark Nation Radio | 2017-09-24

DJ cypher presents the best in new and classic goth, industrial, and intelligent electronica

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  1. cypher says:

    DJ cypher’s Dark Nation Radio Playlist

    Lana Del Rey, “Love”
    Zeromancer, “Hollywood”
    Junksista, “Trust No Bitch”
    EchoRausch, “Sense”
    VNDL, “Novar” (C0ma rmx)
    2Methyl, “So Called Void”
    Tineidae, “Kasatka”
    Ghost Twin, “Plastic Heart”
    lowpolyexception, “Logic Cartel”
    We Are Temporary, “Innocence”
    Rlyeh1, “For Ever”
    Twinkle, “La Victime Volontaire”
    Mesh, “Too Little Too Late”
    Dice People, “Synthetic” (Pneumatic mix)
    iVardensphere, “Align. Get in Line. Stay Alive”
    Nin Kuji, “Tradition Keeper”
    Monolith, “50360329”
    5F_55, “4170 794f 4b”
    Prospero, “Protection and Precaution”
    Marching Dynamics, “The Apparition Speaks”
    Broken Fabiola, “Only Our Fate (svrd)”
    For All the Emptiness, “Prayers” (Icon of Coil)
    God Module, “Through the Noise”
    Tweaker, “A Bit Longer Than Usual” (Rasputina)
    R.Roo, “Otkrovenie”
    Assemblage 23, “Over & Out”
    Iris, “Red Right Return”
    Porn on Beta, “Divisions”

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