LIVE DJ cypher’s Dark Nation Radio | 2017-11-05

DJ cypher spins new goth/industrial

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  1. cypher says:

    This one consists almost entirely of new music, so I hope you enjoy it! The playlist is below.

    As a reminder, my 80s new wave show, DJ cypher’s Blasphemous Rumors, will air on Tuesday from 9-10 PM EST, and then Dark Nation will be back again on Sunday from 9-11 PM EST. Thank you as always for your support!

    DJ cypher’s Dark Nation Radio Playlist
    Sunday November 5th, 2017

    Porn on Beta, “Divisions”
    Gingersnap5, “Polaris”
    Our Banshee, “It’s Not Real”
    For All the Emptiness, “Seduced by a Disease”
    iVardensphere, “Red Sun Black”
    This Morn’ Omina, “Shakti”
    Stoneburner, “Shah-Nama”
    Stairway Maze, “The Runner”
    Autoclav1.1, “Heliopause”
    Angelspit, “Satanic Aesthetic”
    Blume, “Blackening” (Stars Crusaders mix)
    FIRES, “To Be All Alone” (Adoration Destroyed mix)
    Autumn, “The Fall”
    Chelsea Wolfe, “Twin Faun”
    Legend, “Captive”
    Caustic, “Chewing Glass at the Zoo” (ThouShaltNot mix)
    Stromkern, “Ruin(ed)”
    Eisbrecher, “Besser”
    Der Prosector, “Sun Dogs” (DigitalMetal mix)
    Ludovico Technique, “Absence” (The Birthday Massacre mix)
    Stars Crusaders, “Gemini” (Decoded Feedback mix)
    Inertia, “Dream Machine”
    Hexheart, “Second Sight”
    Bella Morte, “Darker Waters”
    Noir, “The Burning Bridge” (The Rain Within remix)

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