LIVE DJ cypher’s Dark Nation Radio | 2018-05-20

DJ cypher’s Dark Nation Radio Playlist

20 May 2018

Shriekback, “Shovelheads”

Mechanoreceptor, “The Judas Void” (:10: remix)

Substaat, “Kant Kino”

Clustersun, “Surfacing to Breath”

Pandora’s Black Box, “Denial”

Polygon, “Gemeinsamer” (Nenner mix)

Multicolor, “A Special Moment” (Balansky remix)

Dirk Geiger, “Closer”

Cubanate, “Hinterland”

Living Totem, “Immortal Magic Package”

Dead When I Found Her, “The Pines”

Lucidstatic, “Dreams in the Void”

Stendeck, “Sad Lover’s Song”

Autobahn, “Creation”

DJ Hidden, “Fading”

Displacer, “The Waiting Place”

Ritualz, “Rats”

Ritual Howls, “Take Me Up”

Factice Factory, “Cherry Picker”

Contaminated Intelligence, “Worn Teeth” (Attrition remix)

Enduser, “The Plan”

PreCog, “Monster”

Inhalt, “Black Sun”

Traitrs, “Heretic”

Black December, “With This Ending”

The Birthday Massacre, “Nothing & Nowhere”

B.O.S.C.H., “Soweit”

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