LIVE DJ cypher’s Dark Nation Radio | 2018-05-27

DJ cypher’s Dark Nation Radio Playlist

27 May 2018


Galanos, “Lonliest of Men”

ACTORS, “Bury Me”

TRAITRS, “Witch Trials”

Principe Valiente, “Wildest Flowers”

Autumn-us, “Away”

In Letter Form, “Edison’s Medicine” (Antipole remix)

Soft Kill, “Dancing on Glass”

Candèlabre, “Ceremony of Shame”

The Eden House, “12th Night”

VOWWS, “Inside Out”

Still Patient? “The Ghost of Tides”

The Anix, “Warning Signs”

The Bellwether Syndicate, “The Night Watch”

Astari Nite, “Sunday Queen”

Autobahn, “Future

— — — —

Ministry, “Victims of a Clown”

Frontline Assembly, “Mechvirus”

Project Pitchfork, “Gravity Wars”

Youth Code, “Doghead”

Binary Park, “Your Own Great Nation”

Blume, “Scarlet”

Zwaremachine, “Our Revenge”

Angelspit, “Hidden Knife” (Adventu Impar remix)

Drab Majesty, “Forget Tomorrow”

Psycho Mutants, “Jesus on the Moon”

Shriekback, “Sons of the Dirt”

Haujobb, “Penetration” (live)

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