LIVE DJ cypher’s Dark Nation Radio | 2018-06-10

DJ cypher’s Dark Nation Radio Playlist

10 June 2018

Autoclav 1.1, “Today is the Day”

Torul, “Monday” (single)

Fix8Sed8, “Permanent Memory Loss”

Headdreamer, “All is Illusion”

Living Totem, “Zeropanic”

Vomito Negro, “Unleash My Demons”

Chainreactor, “The Devil’s Trick”

Delete, “Out of Memory”

Huron, “The Morning & the Cloud”

Cryo, “In Your Eyes”

Depeche Mode, “World In Your Eyes”

Machines of Loving Grace, “Butterfly Wings”

Download,”bEll Ringoor”

— — — —

Stendeck, “Run Amok”

Eff.Dst, “Blackout”

K.Flay, “Blood in the Cut”

Psycho Mutants, “No Hero”

Liquid Divine, “Now & Then”

Velvet Acid Christ, “Lust” (Anonymous mix)

Kervorkian Death Cycle, “Another day”

Rammstein, “Eifersucht”

Steinkind, “Steinkind”

Headscan, “Silent Running”

Frontline Assembly, “Anomaly”

KMFDM, “Light”

Skinny Puppy, “ParagUn”

Incubite, “Blasphemie”

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