LIVE DJ cypher’s Dark Nation Radio | 2018-07-01

DJ cypher’s Dark Nation Radio Playlist


Sieben, “Is It Dark Enough”

TRAITRS, “Window From the Old House”

Angelspit, “Satanic Aesthetic”

Ritual Howls, “Park Around the Corner”

Dream Disciples, “Room 57”

Substaat, “Macht”

Scandy, “I Saw God on TV”

The Prodigy, “Breathe”

Robotiko Rejekto, “Catch Your Soul”

[x]-Rx, “Gasoline and Fire”

Psyclon Nine, “Divine Infekt” (Tactical Sekt remix)

Virtual Descent, “Darkened Skies”

Assemblage 23, “Bravery”

Interface, “Destination”

Cryogenic Eschelon, “Blackout”

Axoe, “Waiting”

Mr. Kitty, “Heaven”

Project Pitchfork, “Good Night Death” (remix)

— — — —

Torul, “You Won”

2nd Face, “Nihilum (Essential)”

Lords of Acid, “Sex Cam Girl”

ACTORS, “XYX” (remixed)

Clicks, “You’re Here to Stay”

Mesh, “The Fixer”

Ummagma, “Lama” (Malcolm Holmes OMD remix)

OMD, “Pandora’s Box

— — — —

Logic + Olivia, “Night of Despair”

Evil’s Toy, “Angels Only (Beyond)”

Covenant, “Sound Mirrors” (Faderhead)

— — — —

Bryan Tyler, “The King’s Highway”

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