LIVE DJ cypher’s Dark Nation Radio Halloween Special _ 2017-10-29

Cypher Hallowen!

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  1. cypher says:

    For your Halloween listening pleasure, my three-hour Dark Nation Radio Halloween program can now be streamed or downloaded. Playlist is below.
    DJ cypher’s Dark Nation Radio
    Halloween special
    Oct. 29th, 2017

    The Shining, Main Theme
    The Brickbats, “Scare the Pants Off You”
    The Brickbats, “Mr. Halloween”
    Eight-Ball Grifter, “Spit on My Grave”
    The Creepshow, “Dearly Departed”
    Cult of the Psychic Fetus, “She Devil”
    Ghoultown, “Return of the Living Dead”
    The Handsome Family, “Far From Any Road”
    The Raveonettes, “Apparitions”
    The Azoic, “Intimate Incisions
    Midnight Syndicate, “Entering the Crypt”
    Concrete Blonde, “Bloodletting”
    Type O Negative, “Black #1”
    Xandria, “Vampire”
    Rob Zombie, “Living Dead Girl”
    Motley Cruë, “Shout at the Devil”
    AC/DC, “Back in Black”
    Scary Bitches, “Lesbian Vampyres from Outer Space”
    Jace Everett, “Bad Things”
    Southern Culture on the Skids, “Werewolf”
    Dead Elvi, “The Creature Stole my Surfboard”
    The Groovie Ghoulies, “Graveyard Girlfriend”
    Penis Flytrap, “Cemetery Girl”
    The Ramones, “Pet Sematery”
    The Cramps, “I was a Teenage Werewolf”
    Voltaire, “Zombie Prostitute”
    Voltaire, “Day of the Dead”
    Disney, “Grim Grinning Ghosts”
    Deathwatch Beetle Repairman, “The Carny of Mr. Dark”
    Danny Elfman, “This is Halloween”
    Shiv-R, “Buried”
    Switchblade Symphony, “Witches”
    Rasputina, “Transylvania Concubine” (Manson mix)
    Psyche, “Blood Curse”
    Zoar, “In These Rooms”
    Vodka9, “I Kissed a Killer”
    Danny Elfman, “Beetlejuice” (Main theme)
    God Module, “Devil’s Night”
    Zombie Girl, “Go Zombie”
    Shiv-R, “Devil’s Night”
    SPF1000, “Haunted House” (Mansion mix)
    Velvet Acid Christ, “The Dead”
    Wumpscut, “Thorns”
    Bella Morte, “The Coffin Don’t Want Me (and She Don’t Either)”
    Bauhaus, “Bela Lugosi’s Dead”

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