LIVE DJ Mange Vorhees – Nothing but a Nightmare | 2017-05-16

Broadcast from 24/7 Internet radio dark macabre

Track list:

Funeral Crashers – Uninvited Guest
Stiffs, Inc. – Richard
The Empire Hideous – Amazing Murder Machine
Aimless Device – No Friend of Mine
Plastique Noir – Rose Of Flesh And Blood
The Lords of the New Church – The night is calling
The Limit Club – Sister Found The Cure
Xray Eyeballs – X
Ash Code – Dry your eyes
Actified – Crucifixion
Funeral Parade – Eyes Of Madmen
The Bellicose Minds – Visions of Pain
The Wraith – Barbed Wire Somber
Joy Division – Walked In Line
Cinema Strange – Needlefeet
Cult of Youth – Lace Up Your Boots
The Birthday Party – Mutiny in Heaven
Cemetery – Where The Worms Never Die
Christian Death – skeleton kiss
Spectres – Remote Viewing
Crimson Scarlet – Rogue Corpse

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