LIVE DJ Mange Vorhees – Nothing but a Nightmare | 2018-03-06

Broadcast from 24/7 Internet radio dark macabre

Track list:

Bella Morte – Undertow
T.S.O.L. – Darker My Love
Death Bells – Only You
U.K. Subs – Ice Age [*]
Tragic Black – Bodies On The Avenue
The Wipers – Doom Town
ChaosZ – 45 Jahre
Elvira & The Bats – Fils De Frankenpire Vampirstein
The Cemetary Girlz – Chupacabra
Lebanon Hanover – Gallowdance
Mescaline Babies – Skeleton Kids
ausgang – hots for christ
Funeral Crashers – Faithless Sons
Radio Scarlet – Ten Sad Reasons (To Throw A Party)
The Limit Club – Sister Found The Cure
The Wraith – Barbed Wire Somber
RRRRRRR – Charlotte Sometimes (The Cure Cover)
– Kill Your Sons
Batboner – Sementary
Scarlet and the spooky Spiders – Party Dress
the cramps – eyeball in my martini
THE DEEP EYNDE – We Don’t Care About You
Fangs on Fur – New Coats
Shadow Project – Penny in a Bucket
Samhain – Black Dream

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