LIVE DJ Mcspookypants Catacombs and Nursery Bones | 2017-03-14

Broadcast from 24/7 Internet radio dark macabre

Track list:

My Chemical Romance – Welcome To The Black Parade
Rocket From The Tombs – Sonic Reducer
Evolution Control Committee – Rocked By Rape
Carter The Unstoppable Sex Machine – Sheriff Fatman
David Bowie – Rebel Rebel
Dexys Midnight Runners – Tell Me When My Light Turns To Green
Scientists – Last Night
Siouxsie & The Banshees – Helter Skelter
Screamin’ Lord Sutch & Heavy Friends – Union Jack Car
Prehistoric Cave Strokers – Urine your Out
Type O Negative – Kill All The White People
Devo – Freedom Of Choice
PJ Harvey – Sheela-Na-Gig
Gore Gore Girls – I’m Gonna Get You Yet
The Gun Club – Sex Beat
Concrete Blonde – Still in Hollywood
Zombina And The Skeletones – City Of Ghosts
Wall Of Voodoo – Call Box
David Wrench – The World Will Turn As The World Will Burn
Shadow Project – Working on Beyond
Bob Dylan – Subterranean Homesick Blues
Lucy Hamilton/Lydia Lunch – Lucy’s Lost Her Head Again
Romeo Void – Never Say Never
The Amino Acids – Fear The Future
Acid Bats – Cosmogonia
Unwoman – Freedom From Religion!
Jukebox Zeros – City of Bother and Loathe
Skeletal Family – 10 – promise land
U2 – Sunday Bloody Sunday
Suburban Lawns – Green Eyes
Fad Gadget – State Of The Nation
Emilie Autumn – Scavenger
Killing Joke – Follow The Leaders
Joy Division – Transmission
Meg Lee Chin – Nutopia
Ministry – N.W.O.
KMFDM – Stray Bullet
Prince – Annie Christian
Midnight Oil – U.S. Forces
Grausame Toechter – Los, Schlampe, ficken geht immer!
Clan of Xymox – Falling Down
KINO – Gruppa Krovi
Joey Ramone – What A Wonderful World

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