LIVE DJs Cliff and Ivy House of Extreme Darkness | 2017-02-16

Broadcast from 24/7 Internet radio dark macabre

Track list:

rooksfeather – Dream of the Hollow Enveloping Calm When it Feels like the Only Way Out
neon shudder – Obelisk
Melatonini – Under Control (CD2)
Winter Severity Index – Drums Of Affliction (CD2)
Gitane Demone Quartet – Circle Ov Air
Low Factor – Le Minotaure (CD2)
06 Cliff and Ivy – Pendulum – CXI111
Violet Cold – You’ll Die Alone
Nomotion – The Little Death (CD1)
Hexentraum – Still Water (CD1)
V/A – The Call of Wolves vs iammynewt – Dark Whisper
Sceptre (Adam C. Sharp) – Fracture
Eve Black – The New Horizon (CD1)
Christian Death – The Luxury Of Tears (From ‘Ashes’)
New Zero God – Pen Like A Knife (CD1)
1919 – Caged
Christine Plays Viola – Spooky Obsessions – 03 – Behind A Wicked Mind
SludgeBronson – DeathRays2000
Mutant Press – Things you don’t know
BeYond Soul – Passion Black Dimension
BeYond Soul – LOST GAMES
The Sweetest Condition – Burn This City (CD2)
VV & The Void – Thorn (CD2)
Date At Midnight – Cold Modern World (CD1)
Chromatique – Nightrider (CD2)
Sedated Tears – Skirrmish (CD1)
Nervous Low – It’s All We Know (CD2)
Iamtheshadow – Everything In This Nothingness (CD1)

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