LIVE House of Extreme Darkness DJs Cliff and Ivy | 2016-07-14

Broadcast from 24/7 Internet radio dark macabre

Track list:

Cluster 71 – 7:38
impurfekt – i don’t want to remember
impurfekt – lingering thoughts
Filbeats – 7 AM
Edward Helsing – Tenebrae Baby
dressmaker – Skeleton Girl
Tragedy Vampires – 12 – Dartktown
Holy Fuck – The Pulse
Gitane Demone Quartet – Circle Ov Air
MOTH – In the Headlights
Animal Rojo –
Grace Promotion – Silently (ft. Good Fairy)
Spirit Host – En Masse
Cliff and Ivy: Alaska’s only goth band – Happy
Lifeless Past – 3. Midnight M7
Altar De Fey – Death To My Enemies final

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