• admin wrote a new post, LIVE DJ Cypher Dark Nation Radio | 2016-06-19 3 years, 9 months ago

    Broadcast from 24/7 Internet radio dark macabre
    Track list:

    • Here’s the playlist:
      DJ cypher’s Dark Nation Radio Online
      June 19th, 2016

      IAMX, “North Star” (Mr. Kitty remix)
      Junksista, “Rage” (Kant Kino mix)
      Avarice in Audio, “Promises for Sale”
      Zombie Girl, “Dead Inside” (remix)
      Wumpscut, “Warmonger Scheusal” (Advent Resilient remix)
      Liquid Newt, “Walk With Scars” (Diskonnected remix)
      Decoded Feedback, “Duality”
      IAMX, “Happiness” (Gary Numan remix)
      Informatik, “Juliet”
      Dismantled, “The Swarm” (Haujobb remix)
      Legend, “Amazon War”
      Diverje, “This Disease” (De:ad:cibel remix)
      Kervorkian Death Cycle, “Deconstruction”
      Skinny Puppy, “Politikil” (THB remix)
      IAMX, “Think of England”
      Soman, “Noistyle”
      ESA, “Breathing Through You”
      The Dreaming, “Rise Again”
      XP8, “One Pill Missing”
      Victor Love, “Blind or Dead”
      Zeromancer, “Photographic”
      Seraphim Shock, “Devil’s Point”
      IAMX, “The Stupid, the Proud” (Index remix)
      Chelsea Wolfe, “Carrion Flowers”
      Velvet Acid Christ, “Caustic Disco” (Mindless Faith)
      Covenant, “Brave New World”
      Project Pitchfork, “Pitch Black”