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    Broadcast from 24/7 Internet radio dark macabre
    Track list:

    • DJ cypher’s Dark Nation Radio Online
      June 26, 2016 Live Broadcast

      headdreamer – you will burn (remix)
      autoclav 1.1 – wafer skin
      tzolk’in w/ flint glass – zotz
      stoneburner – the birth of the na-baron
      flint glass w/ collapser – opening of wrath (sylvgheist maelstrom remix)
      ivardensphere – nazca (system syn remix)
      l’ombre – interlocultion (mimetic remix)
      stendeck – acting like you’re not bleeding
      atiq – real life (awaits us)
      enduser – diggin’ graves
      dj hidden – onyo
      synthetic dream foundation – they who bring the darkness
      empty – deprivation
      volt 9000 – pipe dreams
      binary park – into the deep (architect remix)
      decoded feedback – now and forever
      in letter form – terror (is a state of mind)
      clan of xymox – calling you out
      doc hammer’s weep – the hole (club)
      mr. kitty – insects (gentleman junkie)
      liquid divine –
      flesh field – uprising
      voltaire – riding a black unicorn
      numb – blood (crash & bleed edit)
      thyx – doomed
      kmfdm – anarchy
      robotiko rejekto – reload