Dj MoOn☾



Dj MoOn☾


"Elle est retrouvée. Quoi ? – L'Eternité. C'est la mer allée – Avec le soleil."


VaNdaLiC ActS Of b3auTy [Every Tuesday h.21:00 cet h.12:00 pacific]



Website or Personal URL (2) // INSTAGRAM: @bewitchedbymoon


Dj MoOn☾ was born one day the sun didn’t shine in the mysterious realm of Southern Italy. She learned very soon how to eat candies upside down, cast a spell, prepare an indescribably gorgeous apple pie and play dead to scare her little sister. 
She worked as a reporter for the Japanese tv, studied fashion, translated tons of antique ninja scrolls and in 2013 combined Bachelor’s and Master of Arts Degree in Oriental Languages and Civilizations. She worked so hard that, one day, her soul got lost between the pages of her business agenda. It was never found again.
Now she is here because she hopes that the BEAUTY of her beloved music will bring her back what she needs to survive…