Dark Nation Radio


Rosebush, MI

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I’ve been a goth/industrial DJ since 1994 and have held club residencies at BOUND DC (1996-99), Contempt NYC (1999-2001), BOUND Hartford (which I ran together with my wife, DJ Damzelfly, 1999-2001), and Michigan’s Dark Wave Lounge (2001-2006).

My online radio program DJ cypher’s Dark Nation Radio, ran continuously on for 14 years, from 2002-2016. Now that Live365 has shut down, I’m shifting it here and rebooting as Dark Nation Radio LIVE.

My guest spots have multiple spots on the main floor at Dracula’s Ball in Phili, c10 in Chicago, House of Voodoo in San Francisco, Endless Night in New Orleans (2004), and Ghoul School in Los Angeles. In May of 2015, I was the featured DJ in May 2015 at the Dancing Ferret Concerts 20th Anniversary event in Philadelphia.