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DJ Spaz is a NYC based 80’s/synthpop/industrial/ebm DJ since 2004. DJ Spaz has spun for parties & events such as Dark Water / Absolution / Berlin NYC / Dead Heaven / City of Dark Angels / Black Cat Party / Peak Oil / etc……
DJ Spaz has done numerous guest DJ sets for parties such as Ward 6 / Underworld / Dark Bar / Contempt / Defcon / Replicas / Redrum Ball / QXT’s / Stimulate / Byte / Sundown / The Metro / Asylum Guild / Evilution / etc…..
Aside from being a bar/club DJ, he also did live web radio broadcasts at WFKU such as Critical Damage and occasional broadcasts with DJ Whiskey.
DJ Spaz started in 2004 as a resident for Master Stellow’s Flesh Theatre with Dj’s Kevin Carpet, Xtine and Mekkah @ Flamingo East. from there, he briefly worked for Electric Dreams with DJ Auton @ Korova Milk Bar.
Eventually, he started getting guest DJ slots at Absolution and once in a while, he would guest at Dj Jason‘s Sundown @ Flamingo East.
In the fall of 2006, Dj Spaz was given a resident DJ spot @ Otto’s Shrunken Head with Dj Paradox for Dark Water Tuesdays which is hosted by Father Vincent.
Around that same time, Dj Spaz teamed up with Dj Pat Pervert {Vocalist for Deviant Behavior} and Burlesque performer Jasmine Blushes to start the Peak Oil Party at Otto’s Shrunken Head.
When Absolution returned to NYC,DJ Spaz returned as a guest DJ and eventually became a resident DJ while also spinning for Dark Water at Otto’s Shrunken Head.
DJ Spaz landed a spot as a resident DJ of Berlin NYC with DJ’s Negrarose, Swabby & Auton. he also spun with David J. Haskins of Bauhaus/Love and Rockets in the same time frame.
As a resident DJ for 2 parties, DJ Spaz landed a 3rd residency as a DJ for Boulevard Tavern and started to do his own monthly parties there. He eventually became the official Boulevard Tavern resident DJ for their Halloween parties and New Years Eve parties.
In 2013, he left the NY/NJ Goth/Industrial scene to focus more on doing web radio. By September of 2013, DJ Spaz started a new live broadcast at WFKU called Outscape which primarily focused on new synthpop & 80’s inspired Synthwave.