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DJ Eli Anthony is a former NYC Resident DJ from 2004 to 2013. Eli Anthony was a staple in the NYC bar and club nightlife industry since 1996, first attending Goth / Industrial parties as a club kid until 2003. By 2004, he started out as a Resident DJ for Flesh Theater whilst doing guest spots for Sundown & Absolution. By 2005, Eli Anthony started doing sporadic DJ guest spots in New Jersey until 2006 when he landed a residency at NYC’s premier Tiki Bar, Otto’s Shrunken Head for their Tuesday night party, Dark Water. By 2007, Eli Anthony took a hiatus and returned to Dark Water in 2008. From then on, aside from being a resident DJ for Otto’s Shrunken Head, he also received other guest spots, web radio airplay with WFKU and more DJ residencies. By 2013, he started up a Synthwave web radio program called Outscape at WFKU. By then, he moved Outscape over to Radio Pure Gently and started his residency there. In 2015, Eli Anthony left NYC for Texas and continued to spin for Radio Pure Gently but on a scattered schedule due to personal and work related matters. By 2017, Eli Anthony chose to leave the decks behind and took a hiatus. During the middle of 2018, Eli Anthony traveled to Tokyo, Japan and for the first time since 2013, he was invited to DJ live at Koenji’s famed traditional Japanese music bar & lounge, Ryu Guw and spun before a packed crowd. Since then, Eli Anthony retired as a live in person DJ. But fate would have it that sooner or later, Eli Anthony would gain the inspiration to play music again. In January of 2019, Eli Anthony created a brand new music program called Blazin’ Ace Synth Strike Mission, exclusively on soundcloud. After 4 programs, Eli Anthony joined Electronic Waves Radio officially and every Saturday, Blazin’ Ace Synth Strike Mission broadcasts live at DJ Eli Anthony is also officially back as a weekly web radio DJ at WFKU with a brand new weekly program called The Radical Hour showcasing 80’s Classic Alternative music.