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How To Make A Kilt

The casual kilt will require approximately 4.5 to 6 metres (5 to 6.5 yards) of cloth, depending on your size. The cloth normally comes in double width (D.W.) size, approximately 138 cms. (54 inches) wide. This will allow two kilts to be made from the one length of cloth.Wool or wool/worsted is best, with polyester/wool as a good alternative. You can also use fabrics such as polyester/viscose at approximately 70% polyester to 30% viscose mix. In fact, any cloth that can hold it`s pressed pleats while allowing everyday creases to drop out, could be used. Test first, if not sure. Wool and wool/worsted cloths are usually twill weave, however, man made fabrics may hang better if they are tightly woven plain weaves. Judge for yourself.The weight of the cloth should be anywhere from 12oz. to 16oz. per metre/yard, depending on how heavy you want your kilt to be. Use winter suit weight, if not sure. Hold a sample up to daylight. If too much light is showing, it`s not suitable. The kilt should cost no more than a decent pair of jeans – and considerably less if “remnant” or “off-cut” cloth is used.