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    Setlist for Nothing But A Nightmare 9/18/2015

    Cemetery – Where the Worms Never Die
    Christian Death – Electra Descending
    Spectres – Remote Viewing
    Adverts – One Chord Wonders
    Deathcharge – Waiting
    Amebix – Winter
    Killing Joke – Wardance
    Lost Tribe – Coma
    Funeral Parade – Eyes of Madmen
    Madre Del Vizio – Madre
    Bellicose Minds – Bloody Hands
    Masquerade – All Things Hurt
    Theatre of Hate – Propaganda
    Texas Vamps – Kiss of the Spider
    Joy Division – Walked In Line
    Alien Sex Fiend – Girl At The End Of My Gun
    Sex Gang Children – Barbarossa
    Tragic Black – Figurative Theatre
    Born Dead Icons – Doomtown
    The Exploding Boy – Heart of Glass
    Cranes – Beautiful Friend
    TSOL – Silent Scream
    Blitzkid – Dead Again
    Calabrese – Blood In My Eyes
    Mister Monster – Resident Evil
    Diemonsterdie – October Slowly Dying
    Mad Sin – No More Trick Or Treat