• Whiskey Fuck posted an update in the group WFKU DJS Group 4 years, 7 months ago

    OK So Website Changes….This private group is now in the admin bar for DJ Users. I haven’t checked to see if registered non member users can see these posts. I am pretty sure we are private. Still getting the hang of the new website but it iseems to be shaping up nicely. The Podcast catapult isn’t fully operational but i have added a manual link. You can link back to the podcast or mixcloud in the setlist. I know it is jury-rigged, will probably take a year to bring under one tent. In other news. We updated the dedicated Server, gave it more RAM, and changed up the outbound MP3 encoder from FFmpeg over to shiny, so things should a bit more smooth and allow us to make a bunch more stations if we want. There is this crazy bit of software called stereotool which is broadcast audio post processing for lower quality broadcasts. It is a bit hard on the DS’s CPU but does amazing things. We are still testing.